Why I'm giving away my Apple Watch

I've owned an Apple Watch for a few months now, and I've decided to give it away (maybe to you, if you want it and read through this post).

My reasons are very simple, but it took time to embrace them:

  1. I don't need an Apple Watch. This was clear to me very quickly, as I'm rarely using the apps that have a watch interface.
  2. I keep forgetting to charge it, which means half the time it runs out of battery and it dies on me. I already have enough devices that need charging, I don't want one more.
  3. It increases my device-induced FOMO. Every notification, text message and timer kept creating this physical reaction that created nothing but anxiety. When I started feeling my old (non-smart) watch vibrate, I knew something was wrong.

So, in an attempt to be true to my minimalist claims, I've decided to part with this wonderful piece of technology that is doing me no good.

If you want it, just reply to my tweet with the password, which is the first word of the second and last paragraphs of this post. Seriously, it's yours if you want it.