Looking for Scala mentorship?

If your team is adopting the Lightbend platform (Scala, Akka, Play, Spark), you could benefit from having someone dedicated to mentoring your developers in their learning path. Not everyone in your team learns as independently, or at the same speed. Having someone to poke for quick questions (or in-depth explanations) could be the key to succeeding with this exciting new set of technologies.

That someone could be me.

This is the type of work I enjoy the most, and it usually includes a combination of:

  • Pair programming to unblock or accelerate individual team members
  • Code review sessions to encourage best practices
  • Group sessions to introduce new concepts or features of the language or frameworks
  • Review of architecture drafts
  • Toolset advice to empower your developers

Why pick me?

Well, here’s what I’ve done so far in the world of Scala, Akka and Play since 2011:

  • Developed and architected systems for a variety of clients, from small startups to large enterprises.
  • Taught hundred of developers through the official Lightbend training courses.
  • Organize Scala Up North, the only Canadian Scala conference.

Here's a bit more about what I do, or take a look at my LinkedIn.

A couple requests

I do have a couple terms I need us to agree on:

  1. Part time: I have other projects, so I’m not available full time at the moment.
  2. Mostly remote: I’m available to do occasional travel, but most of the work would be done remotely. I’ve worked successfully this way with many teams, so I’m sure we can make it happen.

If this sounds like something your team needs, drop me an email and we’ll talk.