Wanting less

I often see this hunger in myself and others to want more, better, higher, bigger things or experiences.

You taste a great wine, and immediately feel like you need to try one even better.

You visit a wonderful city, and start looking for the next best destination.

You enjoy a delicious meal, and start fantasizing about where the next dinner date will be.

The problem with this state of constant hunger is that it never ends. You’re never complete. You never arrive. You’re never living in the present, or fully enjoying what you’ve achieved or received.

Instead, I’m challenging myself to want and need less.

Imagine we went through life thinking the very experience we’re going through is the best one we’ll ever have.

We would probably cherish each moment and be a lot more present.

Next time I’m having good coffee, I will try to savour it as if it was the last good coffee I’ll have.

When I hang out on the couch with my kids, I’ll try to enjoy it as if this was the last chance we have at hanging out like that.

Let’s see where this takes me.