New challenges

I’ve been doing consulting and professional training for about 5 years now, three of those as an independent. I’ve enjoyed my time immensely, and have worked with fabulous people.

For a while, though, I’ve missed a few things - having a team to call my own, spending more time at home and less time on the road, and sticking around projects long enough to see the fruit of my work be valuable.

I have also wanted to experience working in a product company and finding new technical challenges to expand my reach.

This is why, despite my initial hesitation to take a full-time job, I’ve accepted an offer to work at Shopify.

I am very excited to join a new team and making my dent in an organization that seems to resonate with many of my values.

What about ScalaQuest?

ScalaQuest is still very close to my heart, which is why from day one I made sure there was no conflict in continuing while at Shopify. 

I will continue to lead the project, and the whole team remains as committed as always to building a great product to teach people Scala.

What about Scala Up North?

I also care greatly about Scala Up North, and I'm happy to have Macho Paka take over running the conference, while I remain in an advisory role. They have been with us from the first event and I'm confident they will continue to make SUN an important part of the Scala community in Canada.


Onwards and upwards!