I recently read Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” and it left a profound mark. Since then, I’ve started to focus more intently on Why I do the things I do. I agree with his idea that great organizations and leaders have a strong sense of Why. Their teams, services and products reflect that raison d’etre deeply, and as a consequence are strong, believable, and powerful.

The same applies, in my opinion, to one’s life.

So I cannot imagine a better topic for the first post in my personal blog than this : Why?

You see, I’ve been incredibly fortunate in my professional life. I’ve worked with great teams of very capable and likeable people, where my opinion has been heard and my work appreciated.

On top of that, I’m lucky enough to do something I truly enjoy - I solve problems with software, and teach others how to do the same.

One can hardly ask for more.

Yet, I’ve realized througout my career something has always been missing.

I’ve been missing a strong sense of helping others in a profound, meaningful way with my professional skills. I've been missing my Why. I’ve occupied too much of my time to make the lives of the 1% marginally more comfortable and convenient.

I’ve decided to shift my focus.

I want to start focusing on the amazing impact we can have in the lives of those who technology takes longer to reach, and in drastically better ways to interact with our environment.

I have a new Why.

I don’t yet have concrete ways in which this will materialize, although very interesting ideas are brewing right now.

I will continue to develop, teach and lead, of course, but now with a new focus and set of goals.

Stay tuned, good news are coming soon.